What To Expect

Getting Scheduled

Getting Scheduled:

To get scheduled or ask questions reach out to 701-444-3979 or reception@empoweredtherapywc.com

Upon reaching out to be scheduled, you may be directed to our voicemail system. our reception team will reach out to YOU as soon as possible if a message is left. 
When you get a hold of us, we will ask for some basic information. including but not limited to; 
- name 
- address
- phone number 
- the general reason you WANT to be seen. (this is to ensure we can pair you with an appropriate therapist, or you can also make requests for a specific therapist depending on availability.) 
- telehealth or location preference. 
From here, you will receive an email from our patient healthcare system (simple practice). This email will help you set up the client portal. Simple practice will then prompt you to complete the intake, demographic, and insurance information. along with the informed consent information for treatment. 

Simple Practice


This is similar to the email you will receive when getting set up for counseling.

Getting Started

To gain access to the platform, it will prompt you with a Client Portal Agreement. 

Needs To Be Completed

All forms listed under this section must be completed before the intake appointment. It can be a lot of paperwork and doesn't need to be completed all at once. 


When the paperwork is completed, it will be moved to this category. The "My Uploads" category is where you can upload pictures of your insurance card. 

Billing & Payment

This section allows you to monitor insurance payments, outstanding bills, statements, etc. 

Payment Method

Payment history shows the card that is on file.

Payment History

A history of any payments that have been made. 

Secure Messaging

In the upper corner of Simple Practice is a word bubble for secure messages, where you can message your clinician with any questions, concerns, etc. 

Scheduling On-Going Appointments

The first appointment must be scheduled by calling or emailing.

Scheduling Appointments Online

The appointments tab allows you to manage your upcoming appointments, schedule new appointments, and cancel if needed. Current appointments will be listed under upcoming appointments. To schedule, another appointment, begin by clicking the "request now" button. 

Choose Clinician

The available clinician listed as an option will depend on who you have been seeing. To continue, click the "select" button for the clinician you have been working with. 

Select Service

The typical appointment will be Psychotherapy, for a 60-minute block.

Choose Location

  • You select the video office if you want the appointment to be by telehealth. 
  • You can select the Empowered Therapy location if you want the appointment to be in person. 
  • The location option (Watford or Dickinson) you receive will depend on the clinician and the primary office we register you under when first scheduling an appointment.

Select A Date & Time

Simple Practice will offer currently available openings for appointments for the clinician.

Completed Request

When the request is completed, it will show you this screen. The therapist will be notified you made an appointment request, and we will either confirm the appointment or reach out to you if the time doesn't work.

Requested Appointments

If you return back to the appointment tab and click on the requested section, it will show you the appointment information. 

Confirmed or Scheduled Appointments

When your appointment has been confirmed, it will be moved to the upcoming appointment category. 



Email Link

The link will be emailed to you upon request; otherwise, you will receive a text message 10 minutes before the appointment with the telehealth link. The link can be used on a tablet, laptop, computer, or mobile phone as long as a camera and microphone are accessible. 

Logging in:

You will be directed to the page above when logging on to the link. Please put your name in and click the join the video appointment button. We currently can't see you until you log into the appointment. This area is here to allow you to test your microphone and camera. 

In The Appointment:

When you join, if the other person isn't logged on yet, this is the screen you will see. If the counselor is logged on, then you will see them and can begin the appointment.

Watford City Office

Watford City 


109 5th St SW Watford City, ND 58854


For more information on how to find us, go to the Contact Us page.

Reception Area

When you come in, take a seat, and we will be with you shortly!

Orange Office

Student Office 

Green Office

Carrie Thompson Widmer's office

Red Office 

Tara Lorenz's Main Office

Blue Office

Lindsey Danbom's Main Office

Play Therapy Room

This is a dedicated room to conduct play therapy sessions as needed. 

Group Therapy Room

This room will be utilized for group therapy sessions.

Dickinson Office 

Dickinson Office

We are located within the Park Square building.

For more information on how to find us, go to the Contact Us page.

Look for the red bench with our brochures!


The First Session

The first session with your therapist is designed for you to meet them, get to know the counseling process, and learn what sessions may look like. The goal for the first session is to help create a plan and ease some of the nerves or concerns (if any) about coming to counseling. In the first session, topics that may be discussed include:

Reviewing the Completed paperwork, and what you are coming in for.
The goals for counseling, treatment frequency, and the plan for on going sessions.
Any questions you may have. we will  check in to see if YOU FEEL THE THERAPIST IS A GOOD FIT FOR YOU. 

On Going Sessions


During the first session, the therapist will discuss a schedule based on the goals, what the client is comfortable with, and what works best for their schedule. Sessions are usually recommended to start out either weekly or bi-weekly. If you have any questions or concerns about this, please don't hesitate to discuss it with your therapist. 

Our first news interview!

Please excuse how nervous I was, as we'd just opened the agency. https://www.kxnet.com/news/business-beat/new-therapist-in-watford-city/